************ Devotional on Matthew 5:14-15 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This devotional was used March 9, 1998

(Matt 5:14-15) "You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. (15) Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house."

At age 12, Robert Louis Stevenson was looking out into the dark from his upstairs window watching a man light the street lamps. Stevenson's governess came into the room and asked what he was doing. He replied, "I am watching a man cut holes in the darkness."

"Cutting holes in the darkness." What a marvelous picture of the task being done by our CVCS Senior Spanish Students working at Rancho Sordo Mudo in Mexico. You are cutting holes in the spiritual darkness of our sin-filled world.

"Cutting holes in the darkness." Never forget where the light comes from. It doesn't come from you. You are not the source. You are not the generator. You are merely a mirror, a reflector. You are like the moon. As you all know, the moon has no light of its own. It merely reflects the light of the sun. In the same way, you have no light of your own. You are to merely reflect the light of the Son, even Christ Jesus. This means that you need to stay close to Jesus in order to reflect His light. You need to read the Bible and meditate upon the Word and pray and sing the Lord's praises. That's the only way to stay close to the Light. That's the only way to reflect the Light.

"Cutting holes in the darkness." This means you need to talk about Jesus. Don't be ashamed. Don't be scared. Don't hide your lamp under a bowl. Reflect the light of the glory of Christ. People in the darkness of sin need to be told about Jesus, the light of the world.

This reminds me of a woman named Rose Crawford who had been blind for 50 years. "I just can't believe it!" she gasped as the doctor lifted the bandages from her eyes after her recovery from delicate surgery in an Ontario (Canada) hospital. She wept for joy when for the first time in her life a dazzling and beautiful world of form and color greeted eyes that now were able to see. The amazing thing about the story, however, is that 20 years of her blindness had been unnecessary. She didn't know that surgical techniques had been developed, and that an operation could have restored her vision at the age of 30. The doctor said, "She just figured there was nothing that could be done about her condition. Much of her life could have been different."

As I read the news account of her case, some questions came to mind. Why did she continue to assume that her situation was hopeless? Had no one told her about the wonderful advances in eye surgery? Then I thought of the plight of those unreached by the Gospel. How many will go on living in darkness unless we tell them about the Savior? Millions will never know anything but spiritual darkness because no one has shared with them the Light that has come into the world.

"Cutting holes in the darkness." There is not only the darkness of sin, but also the darkness from sin. I am thinking of the deaf students at the Ranch. How many of them, do you think, are lonely, and afraid, and homesick? How many of them need a friend, someone to show them love and care and concern? By being a friend, by showing compassion, by giving love, you are cutting holes in the darkness.

"Cutting holes in the darkness." Is that what you have been doing during the past couple of days? Is that what you will be doing during the next couple of days? And what about when you get back home to Visalia and area? Will your friends and classmates and family notice that you reflect the light of Christ rather than absorb the darkness of Satan?
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