The following are a list of the missionaries and ministries, as well as the levels of support, for March 2017 through February 2018 Faith Promise Year.

Rev. & Mrs. John Van Hemert; Seafarers Ministry; send email; newsletter $4,000
Mission India; Website $2,500
Westminster Seminary California; foreign students; Website; newsletter $3,000
Mid America Reformed Seminary; foreign student; Website $3,000
Good News Jail & Prison Ministry; Website $3,000
Good News Jail Ministry - 3 prison chaplains in Visalia; Website $8,000
MINTS; Website $7,000
Rev. Eric Schering; Pacific Island Ministries - PNG; Website; newsletter; Prayer Letter $7,500
Middle East Reformed Fellowship; Website $3,500
Talking Bibles; Website $3,000
Trinity Visalia Radio $15,000
Abounding Grace Radio - Africa Project; Website $6,000
Trinity URC Mission Project $5,000
                        TOTAL $70,500


BUDGET SUPPORT 2017 - 2018

The Following are a list of churches and causes we support in and through our budget.

Bethany Christian Services; Website $8,000
Sierra Village; Website $3,200
Love INC; Website $6,000
Big Springs URC $9,000
Covenant URC of Fresno; Website $9,000
                        TOTAL $35,200

URCNA Missions

World Missions; Website
Church Plants in the U.S. and Canada; Website

You can e-mail our pastor at: Rev. Adrian Dieleman