************ Children's Sermon on 1 John 1:8-10 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on August 18, 2019

1 John 1:8 - 2:1 Children's Sermon

Magnet, something metal, something gold

Any of you children know what this is? What is done with a magnet?
Does it stick on wood of pulpit, or on me, or on piano? It sticks to metal. And metal sticks to it. I have a paper clip. Watch how the paper clip sticks to the magnet.

What is this?
Any idea what it is made of? My wedding ring is made of gold.
How do I know it is made of gold? How do I know the jewelry store didn't fool me and sell me something that looks like gold?
One way to tell is by using a magnet. Paper clips stick to magnets. Gold doesn't. Show kids.

To tell whether something is gold or not we can do the magnet test. If it sticks to a magnet it isn't gold.

There are people in church who are not true Christians. They don't really believe in Jesus. They don't care for God.

How do we tell the difference? Well, we do a test just like we do with gold.

Do you boys and girls ever do anything wrong? Do you boys and girls ever say bad words or think bad thoughts or lie or hit someone? If you are a real Christian you confess this to God, you tell God you are bad, and ask Him to forgive because of Jesus.

I use a magnet to tell whether something is gold.
I use confession to tell whether someone is a Christian.

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