************ Children's Sermon on Matthew 1:1-17 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on December 6, 1998


family tree

A My Family Tree

I have something to show you boys and girls.


This is my family tree. Here is my grandfather. Here is my grandmother. Here are my great grandparents. In fact, my great great great great great great (that is 6 greats) grandparents are here. I have 128 of those great great great great great great grandparents. The oldest date here is 1640 ...

If you look at this family tree you will find out some things about me. For instance, you will discover my family background is Dutch. My family comes from the South of Holland, the province of Zealand, the city of Axel and Zamslag. At one time my family was important because they had a family crest (POINT IT OUT).

You will notice my father and mother were distantly related before they got married (POINT OUT DIELEMAN NAME).

B Jesus Family Tree

Did you know that Jesus also has a family tree? This morning I am going to read His family tree to you from the Bible.

My family tree tells you something about me: that I am Dutch, that we were important at one time, that we came from Zealand. In the same way, Jesus' family tree tell you something about Jesus. Most of the people in Jesus' family tree are Jews - like Abraham and David. This morning we will find out that Jesus also has some people in His family tree who aren't Jews. And, we will find out that some of the people in His family tree did bad things.

C Pray With Children

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