************ Children's Sermon on Q & A 21 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on April 16, 2000


-plate, fork, knife, spoon

-pen and paper

A Tools or Instruments

-dig out plate, fork, knife, spoon

-tell kids I am hungry

-does the plate, fork, knife, and spoon fill me?

-of course not; they are only tools or instruments to get the food into my mouth and then my stomach

-dig out pen and paper

-to write a letter, I need a pen and paper

-does the pen and paper write the letter for me

-of course not; they are only tools or instruments for me to use when I write a letter

B Tools or Instruments of Salvation

-if I want to be saved, if I want to go to heaven to be with God, what is the tool or instrument that I use

-it is faith

-faith is like the plate, fork, knife and spoon -- they don't fill me; likewise, faith doesn't save me; only food fills me and only Jesus saves me; faith is only a tool or an instrument

-faith is like the pen and paper; a pen and paper don't write a letter for me; they are only tools that I use; likewise, faith doesn't save me; it is only a tool

C An Important Tool

-faith is a tool, but it is an important tool

-the Bible tells us that it is the only tool that God uses

-without faith you cannot be saved; without faith you cannot get to heaven

-so boys and girls, you need to believe in Jesus, you need to give Him your heart, or you will not be saved

-who wants to go to heaven when they die; raise your hand

-to get there you need to believe in Jesus

D Pray with Children

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