************ Children's Sermon on Q & A 56 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on February 4, 2001

based on Q & A 56

Needed: Bandage on Finger


-see what I have on my finger (HOLD UP BANDAGED FINGER)

-I cut my finger as I was working on a computer

-I had to clean the cut and then put a bandage on it

-why did I clean the cut and put a bandage on it (GET ANSWERS)

-so the cut doesn't get infected with germs

-so blood doesn't spill everywhere

-to stop the bleeding

-to cover the cut

-to keep the cut clean

-if I don't put a bandage on a bleeding finger then the cut could get infected, it could fester, it could make my finger really sore; eventually, you can even end up losing your finger to gangrene

-notice, you don't ignore a cut and bleeding finger; you need to clean it and put a bandage on it or else all sorts of bad things could happen


-the Bible says we are sinners

-the Bible compares sin to an open, infected cut on your finger

-to deal with an open, infected cut on your finger you need to clean it and cover it (HOLD UP BANDAGED FINGER)

-to deal with the infection of sin, you need to be cleaned and your sin needs to be covered


-this morning we are looking at the blood of Jesus

-do you know what the blood of Jesus does? It cleans us and it covers our sin

-the blood of Jesus forgives us so we can be saved


I need to clean and bandage a cut finger (HOLD UP BANDAGED FINGER). In the same way the blood of Jesus needs to clean and cover my sin.


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