************ Children's Sermon on Q & A 57 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on February 11, 2001

based on Q & A 57


Flower pot filled with soil

Whole walnut

Pumpkin seed

Good Morning, Boys and Girls

A Body in the Ground, Soul to Christ

-this morning I am preaching on what happens after a Christian dies

-I have a walnut here (HOLD UP WALNUT); the outside is a shell and the inside is the part that you eat (PULL APART WALNUT AND SHOW THE INSIDE)

-the Bible tells us that our body is like the shell of the walnut (HOLD UP WALNUT SHELL)

-the Bible also tells us that our soul is like the inside of the walnut (HOLD UP INSIDE)

-when a Christian dies we put the body in the ground; but it is only the shell (HOLD UP WALNUT SHELL)

-and where does the inside go (HOLD UP INSIDE); when a Christian dies the inside or soul goes to be with Jesus

-when we die, the body goes into the ground (HOLD UP SHELL), and the soul goes to Jesus (HOLD UP INSIDE)

B Body is Raised

-I also have a package of pumpkin seeds here (HOLD UP SEEDS)

-these seeds do me no good unless I plant them (PLANT SOME OF THE SEEDS IN THE FLOWER POT)

-the Bible tells us that when we put the body into the ground, what we are doing is planting the body just like I planted the pumpkin seeds

-what happens to the pumpkin seeds in the pot if I water them and keep them in warm, sunny place (GET RESPONSE); what happens is that a nice big healthy plant comes up

-the Bible tells us the same thing happens with the body we plant in the ground; someday, when Jesus comes again, the body will come up just like a plant will come up from the seeds I planted (HOLD UP FLOWER POT)

C Conclusion

-our body is like a the shell of a walnut (HOLD UP WALNUT); when we die it is put in the ground while the inside goes to be with Jesus (HOLD UP KERNEL)

-our body is like a seed; when we die it is planted into the soil and someday new life will come (HOLD UP FLOWER POT)


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