************ Children's Sermon on Q & A 74 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on August 19, 2001

Q & A 74; Acts 2:37-41

Invite Children to baptismal font for an infant baptism

Good Morning, Boys and Girls

I noticed that most of you looked into the stand at the bowl of water.
But you were looking at the wrong thing.
Do you know what you are supposed to look at in baptism?
We don't look at the water, though the water is important (POINT TO WATER).
We don't look at the baby (POINT TO BABY).
We don't look at the parents (POINT TO PARENTS).
We don't look at the minister (POINT AT MYSELF).

There is only one direction left to look. Do you know what we look at? (SEE IF ONE OF THE KIDS WILL ANSWER). Yes, we look at God.

In baptism we look at God and the promises of God.

Think of God (POINT UPWARD) and how He claims this baby as His child when I do the baptism.

Do the baptism ...
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