************ Children's Sermon on Q & A 110-111 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on May 12, 2002

-check book register without any checks for church
-time-log register without any time for Lord, church
-2 one dollar bills; 2 dollars in dimes
-grades 4-6
A. Giving a Dollar
-I need one volunteer. (Get a volunteer.)
-I want to give you something. (Give both dollars.)
-What are you going to do with these dollars. (Get to respond.)

B. Something Missing
-I want to read you kids the entries in my check book from the last month. (Read the cash flow report.)
-Does this sound right? Do you think anything is missing? I don't want you to answer but think about this.
-Now I want to read you the log of how I spent one of my week's this summer. (Read the time log register.)
-Does this sound right? Do you think anything was missing? I don't want you to answer but think about this.

C. The Sin of Theft
-This morning I'm preaching on the 8th commandment.
-Who can tell me what the 8th commandment says?

D. What Was Missing
-Let's look at my check book register again. According to this report, I didn't give anything to the church last month.
-Let's look at the time log again. According to the log, this person spent no time in prayer, Bible reading, going to church, or doing any work for Jesus.
-If I don't give anything to the church, I steal from the LORD.
-If I don't spend any time doing work for the church or kingdom, I am stealing from the LORD.
-So what do you think our volunteer should do with the money I gave? Get Response of giving 10% to the Lord ... Exchange one of the dollars for 10 dimes and put two of the dimes in the collection bag.
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