************ Children's Sermon on Acts 2:17-21 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on May 19, 2002

Acts 2:17-21
Needed: water glass, straw, pitcher of water
A Today is Pentecost
Who can tell me what day it is today (GET CHILD TO SAY IT IS PENTECOST)?
What happened on Pentecost? Why is this day important to the church? (GET CHILD TO SAY SPIRIT WAS POURED OUT).
I want to show you boys and girls how important the Spirit is.

B Air in a Water Glass
I have a water glass here (HOLD UP EMPTY WATER GLASS).
What is this glass filled with (GET CHILD TO SAY IT IS FILLED WITH AIR)?
Let's try to get the air out of this glass. Does the air come out if I hold the glass upside down (HOLD THE GLASS UPSIDE DOWN)? Nope, that doesn't work.
What happens if I try to suck the air out (SUCK AIR OUT WITH THE STRAW)? That doesn't work either, because it goes back in as fast as I suck out.
How can I get the air out of the glass? Let me show you how (FILL GLASS WITH WATER).

C Filled With Sin
You and I are filled with sin just like this water glass is filled with air (HOLD UP GLASS).
No matter what we try, we can't get that sin out of us. We can't shake it out. We can't suck it out. It won't fall out if we stand on our heads.
There is only one way we can get rid of sin. Remember the water glass -- we could get rid of the air only when we fill the glass with water (FILL THE GLASS WITH WATER AGAIN). In the same way, we can get rid of sin only when we are filled with the Spirit.

D Pray with the Kids
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