************ Children's Sermon on Advent Wreath ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on Dec 8, 2002


How many candles did we light last week? [ONE]
How many candles do we light this week? [TWO]
This means Christmas is getting closer.

Last week I also told you why we light candles as we prepare for Christmas.
Candles remind us that Jesus is the __________ [LIGHT]
-Candles remind us that Jesus is the light Who chases away the darkness of sin.
-Candles remind us that in Jesus we have the light of God's presence.

What color are the four outside candles? [PURPLE]
Purple is the color used for kings and queens; purple is the color of royalty and majesty.
This means that baby Jesus is more than a baby. He is also a king He is the new-born king.

At the time Jesus was born people bowed before kings and obeyed them and even worshiped them.
We bow down before King Jesus, we obey Him, and we worship Him.

The candles remind us that Jesus is __________ [LIGHT]
The purple candles remind us that Jesus is ___________ [KING]

Get two children to help me light two candles.

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