************ Children's Sermon on Advent Wreath ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on Dec 25, 2002


How many candles did we light last week? [FOUR]
How many candles do we light this week? [FIVE]
That means Christmas is here.

Let's do a review:
-Candles remind us that Jesus is the __________ [LIGHT]
-The purple candles remind us that Jesus is ____________ [KING]
-The round wreath reminds us that Jesus is __________ [GOD]; He has no beginning and no end.
-The evergreens remind us that Jesus came so that we have _____________ [ETERNAL LIFE]

There is one part of the advent wreath we have not talked about yet. Who knows what is left? [GET KIDS TO SAY THE WHITE CANDLE]
The white candle is called the "Christ Candle."
White is the color of purity and holiness.
The Christ Candle reminds us that Jesus is pure and holy:
-He was born without sin
-He did not sin, even when Satan tempted Him
-Jesus' blood makes us whiter than snow

Get five children to help me light five candles.
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