************ Children's Sermon on John 15:5 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on April 13, 2003

John 15:5


I have here a glove a white, silk glove. Look at what it can do [HOLD UP THE LIMP GLOVE]. It doesn't do anything. It can't do anything.

Now look what happens [PUT MY HAND IN THE GLOVE]:
-it can pick up a Bible
-it can make a circle
-it can hold a pen and write a note
-it can wave in your face
When my hand is in the glove it can do all sorts of things. When my hand is not in the glove, it is helpless and limp.

Who can tell me what Sunday it is today? [WAIT FOR AN ANSWER].
Today is Palm Sunday.
We remember that Jesus entered Jerusalem in order to suffer and die for our sins.

Right after He entered Jerusalem to die Jesus said, "apart from me you can do nothing." Apart from Jesus we are like the glove [HOLD IT UP] limp and useless. But when Jesus is in us then we are like the glove with a hand in it [PUT MY HAND IN IT].

Jesus wants to be in us like my hand in the glove. Then He can use us to do all sorts of things: to tell others about Him, to be obedient, to glorify God, to worship Him, and so on.

So, boys and girls, are you like the glove by itself or are you like the glove with a hand in it?
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