************ Children's Sermon on Matthew 4:4 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on September 11, 2005

Matthew 4:4
loaf of bread fresh out of the bread maker
A. Loaf of Bread
Do you boys and girls smell anything different in our church building this morning? (GET THEM TO RESPOND THAT THEY SMELL BREAD BAKING)

(GET THE BREAD MAKER) I have a bread maker back here. I set it to have a loaf of bread ready for 10 o'clock this morning.

(TAKE OUT LOAF AND PUT IT ON A PLATE ON THE PULPIT) It looks good there, doesn't it? How about if I just keep it there until next week? Do you think that is a good use for a loaf of bread? Will it feed you if I leave it there? Will it nourish your body? (GET CHILDREN TO SAY IT DOES NO GOOD TO JUST LOOK AT BREAD; NEED TO EAT IT)

B. Word of God
What is right behind the loaf of bread (POINT TO BIBLE). Just like that loaf does no good just sitting there, so a Bible does no good just sitting there. Just like you need to eat the bread, so you need to feed yourself from the Word of God.

So, God's people need to read their Bible everyday.

Then, just like a loaf of bread feeds your body, so the Word of God feeds your soul.

C. Pray with Children
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