************ Children's Sermon on Romans 10:17 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on September 17, 2006

based on Romans 10:17
Items Needed:
-Humming Bird Feeder
A. Bird Feeder
Do any of you know what this is? [GET THEM TO ANSWER IT IS A BIRD FEEDER]
What kind of bird eats out of this? [TELL THEM ABOUT HUMMING BIRDS, CHASING AWAY]
What do I put in it? [MIXTURE OF WATER AND SUGAR]
Why do the humming birds eat out of this? [BECAUSE THEY ARE HUNGRY AND NEED FOOD TO STAY ALIVE]

What happens when you are hungry? [GET THEM TO ANSWER THAT THEY ARE FED]
What would happen if your father or mother wouldn't feed you? [GET THEM TO ANSWER THAT THEY WOULD GO HUNGRY AND MAYBE EVEN BECOME SICK AND DIE]

B. Feed Your Soul
You know, it is more than your body that needs to be fed. Your heart needs love. Your mind needs books. And, your soul needs to be fed too.
What can you feed your soul? [GET THEM TO ANSWER THE WORD OF GOD].
All of you boys and girls are getting a present this morning in your mail-slots. [HOLD UP CD; EXPLAIN WHAT IS ON IT]
[HOLD UP BIRD FEEDER]. If my humming birds aren't fed, they become sick and die. In the same way, your soul will become weak and sick if you don't feed it God's Word. So I want to ask you to listen to your Bible everyday?

C. Pray with the boys and girls.
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