************ Children's Sermon on Acts 2:37 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on May 27, 2007

Acts 2:37
Needed: arrowhead or arrow ...

A Arrowheads
I grew up on a farm. At the back is a stream and a woods. It must have been a great place for an Indian campsite because when I was growing up I kept finding arrowheads.
The Indians would fasten to a stick and shoot them with a bow.
Small one used to kill a bird. Bigger one used for a deer.
Would it hurt? Of course it would. It would cut right into the heart.

B The Spirit
Who knows what we celebrate today?
What is Pentecost? That is the day the Spirit came upon the disciples and marks the birth of the church.

C Cut to the Heart
Our Bible passage this morning compares the work of the Spirit to an arrowhead hitting a deer or a bird (HOLD UP ARROWHEAD).
Through the operation of the Spirit, when you hear the Word, you are cut to the heart. It is like being hit by an arrow. It hurts. It gets your attention. It makes you change your life.
Have you been cut to the heart? Has the arrowhead of the Spirit hit you (HOLD UP ARROWHEAD). D Pray with Children
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