************ Children's Sermon on John 19:28-29 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on April 6, 2014

John 19:28-29 Children's
Needed: big jar/vase; wine vinegar; glass of iced water; clump of dirt; glass

-HOLD UP GLASS OF WATER. Is anyone thirsty; this looks pretty good, doesn't it?
-MIX IN SOME DIRT. Would anyone want to drink this now? GET REACTION.
-At the time of Jesus, this is what the water from streams and rivers looked like; it was dirty and polluted and carried diseases that made you sick
-Do you know what they did so they could drink the water? They mixed water with wine. The wine made the water safe to drink.

Jar of Wine Vinegar
-We've been looking this year at what Jesus said while He was hanging on the cross. One of the things He said was, "I am thirsty." Of course He was thirsty. He had been hanging in the sun for 3 hours. He had lost a lot of blood when they whipped Him.
-Near the cross was a big jar. HOLD UP JAR. Something like this. Anyone have any idea what was in the jar? GET REACTION. In the jar was wine vinegar.
-HOLD UP WINE VINEGAR. I have some wine vinegar with me today. POUR IT INTO GLASS. ADD SOME OF THE WATER.
-DESCRIBE THE TASTE AND SMELL. Strong, sour, not something you want to drink. PASS IT AROUND.
-But Jesus drank some. Because He was thirsty as He was suffering and dying for us. Imagine being so thirsty that you would drink this.
-"I am thirsty." Next time you take a drink think of Jesus Who was thirsty as He hung on the cross for you and me.

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