************ Children's Sermon on Matthew 27:45-50 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on March 30:2014

Needed: night-light

Good Morning, girls and boys.

I Darkness
I want you all to do something. I want you to shut your eyes. Keep your eyes shut and now put your hands over your eyes.

Stay that way and tell me how many fingers I am holding up (HOLD UP 2 OR 3 FINGERS). You can't because it is dark.

Okay, you can remove your hands and open your eyes.

HOLD UP NIGHT LIGHT. Any of you know what this is? GET RESPONSE. What do we use it for? Why do we use it? Because night-time is scary.

II Jesus and Darkness
Something strange happened when Jesus was hanging on the cross. It happened at 12 noon – lunch time. Anyone know what happened? GET RESPONSE. Yes, there was darkness. For 3 hours there was darkness. In the middle of the day there was darkness.

Who sent the darkness? It came from God.

During those 3 hours of darkness Jesus was suffering the anger of God against our sin.

Darkness can be scary. But the darkness at the cross means salvation. Jesus suffered the darkness and the punishment that you and I should suffer. So, we thank God for the darkness at the cross.

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