************ Sermon on Christ Alone ************

By: Rev. Robert Godfrey

This sermon was preached on October 26, 2008

Verse 6 of chapter 14 is a perfect tie-in to the doctrine of Christ alone. The reformers stood against the notion that had become so popular in the Roman Catholic church that Christ was really one of the things you prayed to. Maybe the best one, but still, if Christ didn't have time, you could go to Mary, you could go to Peter. You could go to any of the saints and pray to them that they would pray to Jesus Christ for you. Once again, the reformers said, no, we are saved by Christ alone.'

So, when we think about Christ, it's good to dwell on who He is. We know Him by many names throughout the Bible. He is the Messiah, He is the prophet, the Priest, the King, Hosanna, Savior, Lord of Lords, Light of Light, the Lamb of God. And in verse 6 of chapter 14, we're told two things about Christ. We're told who He is and we're told what He has done. We thought of all these names of Christ, they tell us something about Him. And here in John 14: 6, Christ tells us something more about Himself. In response to Thomas's question He says, I am the way, the truth, the life'. Now the first one of these responses is most clearly directed to Thomas's question. He said, Lord we don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way? So Jesus responds I am the way'. It was not a road map that the disciples needed. It was not a good GPS system, it was Jesus Christ. They still had failed to understand who He was and what He had come to do. He was the only way for the disciples to follow Him. And more fascinating to remember is that Christ says I am THE way. Because so popular in today's theology, I'd guess there are people across the nation who would run from the name Christian who would still be willing to say Christ is A way. They would say, certainly, we'll all end up in a state of blessed glory and Christ is one of the ways to get there, Buddhism is another, Hinduism yet another, Islam another. And if you don't really care about religion, I guess that's your way. Well Christ makes it very clear, I am THE way, the only way. And remember that statement because we who believe in faith in Jesus Christ have that way. Let that give you comfort in times of despair. And let it be a challenge. Christ is the way, we know the way so how can we not share it with others? Those words, I am the way, have so much meaning to them.

Christ moves on to go beyond the immediate answer to Thomas's question to say furthermore, I am the truth. And we hear this throughout John's Gospel. Remember the verses we looked at in chapter 1, grace and truth appeared together. And in chapter 8 He tells the disciples how He speaks the truth again and again. But here He is taking it a step further and He says to them, I am the truth. Never forget that when your faith is tested. That Jesus Christ is truth. There is no lie in Him. There is no falsehood in who He is and what He came to do. He is God of God and light of light and the truth of Jesus Christ brings life.

That is why He also says, I am the life, the way, the truth and the life. He is the life that we receive. He is the way of eternal life. Think of one of the most well known passages in all of scripture, John 3:16 that we should not perish but have everlasting life. This is the life Christ speaks of, this is the life we have in Him. We cannot think of Christ without thinking of the glory of eternal life that we have in Him and we cannot think of who Christ is without thinking of what He has done. Because He moves on to say, not only I am the way, the truth and the life but no one comes to the Father except through me. In Jesus Christ we have access to the Father. He has brought us to the Father by living the life we could not live, upholding the law perfectly, no falseness, no blemish, no fault, no sin. But furthermore, He bore our curse, He who is righteous for our sins upon His head. And because He did so beloved we've already come to the Father, we are even now children of God. We are no longer estranged. Those who should suffer wrath, even this day we who believe on Christ are children of God and we will see all the more what it means to come to the Father when that day of glory, that day of wonders, comes. It is this Jesus Christ of Nazareth that makes all the solas true. The word would be meaningless without Jesus Christ. Grace would be non-existent without Jesus Christ. Our faith would be folly without Jesus Christ. But because He has come, because He has died, because He has rose again, all of these words bear so much meaning.

This is why the Reformation was so important, beloved. Because it took people's eyes away from all that was worldly, from all that was false and fixed it back on Jesus Christ. Being reformed does not speak merely to our tradition, it speaks to our doctrine. It speaks to the truth of Jesus Christ. We can say with confidence that this word alone is true. We can say with confidence that we are saved by grace through faith alone. We can say with confidence that Jesus Christ our Lord is the way, the truth and the life and that we have come to the Father through Him. God be praised. Let us pray together....
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