************ Children's Sermon on Romans 5:12 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on May 1, 2011

Children's Sermon on Romans 5:12

coins from my grandfather

-When my grandpa died, his stuff was given to his children: there was money, furniture, a pool table, a car, pictures, and stuff like that.
-One of the things my grandfather collected was coins. When he died some of his precious coins were given to me because I was his oldest grandchild. SHOW COINS.
-Everytime I look at these coins I think of my grandpa.
-These coins are part of my inheritance.
-And I am one of my grandpa's heirs.

-According to the Bible, we all have an inheritance. You boys and girls have already inherited something even as I inherited these coins from my grandpa (SHOW COINS).
-You have inherited something from Adam. And, so have I and every other person here.
-Not something nice like coins (SHOW COINS) or furniture or paintings.
-Do you know what we have inherited from Adam? Do you want to take a guess? GET ANSWERS FROM KIDS
-It is not nice what we inherit from Adam. In fact, it is awful. Remember I inherited some nice coins from my grandpa. But from Adam we inherit sin and death.
-There are people who try to tell us everyone is basically good. Mothers come on TV and tell us their son was always a good boy even though he just robbed a bank or hurt someone.
-No one is good. Not you. Not me. Not the son who robbed the bank because Adam has given us his sin.

So, what did I get from my grandpa? GET ANSWER OF COINS.
And, what do you and I get from Adam? GET ANSWER OF SIN AND DEATH.
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