************ Children's Sermon on Proverbs 14:31 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on November 9, 1997

-loaf of bread
-picture of globe
-children grades 3 - 6
-names of 5 major peopled continents in big letters

-show the children the 5 major peopled continents on the globe; see if they know which one we live on
-divide the children into continent groupings reflecting actual world population distribution and get volunteer to hold up the name of their continent; state that the number of children represent all the people in the world today and they are being divided according to actual distribution of people today (see table at end)
-divide loaf of bread according to actual distribution today; state that loaf of bread represent all the food in the world today (see table at end)
-point out how just a few people in America have more than a slice of bread each; contrast that with Asia or Africa
-ask the children: is this fair, is this just; get them to respond that it isn't
-what are we supposed to do?
-talk to children about sharing
-remind them to bring canned goods for Thanksgiving Day for poor in Visalia
-have the kids bring up the Peter Fish

Population Percentage Food Percentage
Africa 12 8
Asia 58 23
Europe 16 36
N. America 6 22
S. America 8 11

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