************ Children's Sermon on Ecclesiastes 4:12b ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on September 3, 2000

based on Ecclesiastes 4:12b

Needed: Single, Double, Triple strand ropes

One of the things that the Bible talks about tonight is ropes. So I want to show some ropes to you.

I Single Strand Rope

-hold up single strand of rope

-this doesn't look overly strong, does it

-couldn't use it to pull a cow or a car

-this single strand of rope is a person all by him or herself; there is no one to help, no one to support, to one to lean on

II Double Strand Rope

-hold up double strand of rope

-looks a bit stronger than the single strand of rope

-this double strand of rope is two people (friends, husband and wife), who help each other and support each other

III Triple Strand Rope

-hold up triple strand of rope

-this is much stronger that the single or the double strand

-this triple strand of rope is exactly the same as the double strand - it is two people (friends, husband and wife) - with the addition of God

-a rope of three strands is not easily broken; when a friendship or a marriage has God at the center, it cannot be broken


-you can be a single strand rope (hold up), a double strand rope (hold up), or a triple strand rope (hold up)

-you can be all by yourself; or, you can have friends or get married; or, best of all, you can have (PRAY WITH CHILDREN)

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