************ Children's Sermon on 2 Kings 4:1-7 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on October 14, 2001

in preparation for World Hunger Sunday

-pitcher half full of water
-20-24 empty jars
-little jar of cooking oil
-Peter Fish
-giving guide
Good morning, boys and girls!

I Empty Jars
I have here a pitcher of water (HOLD UP PITCHER).

And, I have here a bunch of empty jars (POINT TO JARS).

I am going to pour the water from this pitcher (POINT) into these jars (POINT). Do you think I have enough water to fill up all these jars?

Let's see. (POUR THE WATER; IT SHOULD FILL ONLY 2 OR 3 JARS). Did I fill up all of the jars? (GET RESPONSE FROM CHILDREN).

Of course not. I probably need 8 or 9 pitchers of water to fill up all these jars with water.

II Poor Widow
The Bible tells us about a poor widow whose dead husband owed money to a man. It looked like her two boys had to be sold as slaves to pay the debt. So she cried out to Elisha for help.

All that this woman had was a little bit of oil at the bottom of a jar. Something like this (HOLD UP JAR OF OIL). She had no food, no money, no jewels. All she had was a little jar of oil.

Elisha told her to ask all her neighbors for empty jars. "Don't ask for just a few." She was supposed to ask her neighbors for as many jars as they had.

The woman and her sons went around to all the neighbors and asked for all their empty jars. They carried the jars home and shut the door. Then they took their little jar of oil and started to pour it into one of the empty jars. Do you know what happened? She filled up one jar. She looked in the jar of oil there was more oil in there. Then she filled up another jar. She looked in the jar of oil again there was still more oil in there. She filled all the jars with oil.

The woman sold the jars of oil for money and paid back the man who wanted to sell her sons as slaves. She had enough money left over to look after her boys until they were grown up.

A little jar of oil filled hundreds of empty jars.

I couldn't do that with the water. This entire pitcher filled with water (HOLD UP PITCHER) could not fill up all these jars (POINT TO JARS). But a little jar of oil filled up hundreds of empty jars.

This was a miracle the mighty power of God at work through Elisha.

After the service this morning the deacon's are going to be passing out Peter Fish (HOLD UP PETER FISH). Or you can decorate a jar ...

What are you supposed to do with the Peter Fish or the jar? (GET RESPONSE PUT MONEY IN). I have here a giving guide (HOLD IT UP). Mention a couple of the activities ...

There are lots of people today like the poor widow and her boys. They have no money, no food, no jewels. They are hungry. They are desperate.

The money we give is used to buy them food. God wants us to fill their cupboards with food in the same way as He used Elisha to fill the woman's jars with oil.

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