************ Children's Sermon on Hosea 1:1 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on February 10, 2002

Based on Hosea 1:1

(SET TOOL BOX BEFORE KIDS) Do any of you boys and girls know what this is? (GET KIDS TO ANSWER THIS IS A TOOL BOX). Do any of you have a dad or mom with a tool-box?

Let's see what is in this tool-box (PUT OUT SOME OF THE TOOLS AND IDENTIFY THEM).

What do you think I do with these tools? Do you think I use my hammer (HOLD UP HAMMER) to paint a picture? Of course not. Do you think I use my wrench (HOLD UP WRENCH) to write a sermon? Of course not. Do you think I use a screw driver (HOLD UP SCREW DRIVER) to bake bread? Of course not.

The point is, I have to use my tools to do what they were made to do. My hammer (HOLD UP HAMMER) was not made to paint pictures but to hammer nails. My wrench (HOLD UP WRENCH) was not made to write sermons but to loosen bolts and nuts. My screw driver (HOLD UP SCREW DRIVER) was not made to bake bread but to tighten screws on door knobs.

This evening, boys and girls, we are going to learn about 6 kings who used the tools that God gave them for the wrong purpose.

God made them kings and gave them power and wealth but they used this for themselves instead of for God. It is like they took a hammer (HOLD UP HAMMER) and used it to paint a picture, or took a screw driver (HOLD UP SCREW DRIVER) and used it to bake bread. God became angry with those kings.

God has given you and me and ever single Christian tools and gifts.

What are these tools? They aren't hammers and wrenches (HOLD THEM UP). They are money, voices that can sing, art. They are your toys, your games, your bikes.

Now, God wants us to use those tools and to use them for His glory. God wants us to put Him first in our life. And if we don't, He becomes as angry with us as He does with those six kings.

Can you remember that, boys and girls? God wants you and me to use what he has given us for His glory. Can you remember to put God first in your life?

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