************ Children's Sermon on Psalm 119:97-100 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on Sept 22, 2002

Children's Sermon
based on Psalm 119:97-100

Needed: road map or directions for Lighthouse Bike Ride
I Need for Directions
-Yesterday I went to Pismo Beach. I had a 100 mile bike ride along the coast with over 1400 other people.
-The ride organizers give us a sheet with directions on where to go (read some of the directions). Why do we need the directions? GET CHILDREN TO ANSWER:
-SO WE KNOW WHERE TO GO - had to go North to the Hearst Castle, not South to Santa Barbara, not East to Bakersfield
-SO WE DON'T TAKE THE WRONG ROAD - and end up getting lost
-SO WE ARE KEPT SAFE - sections of Highway 1 are freeway and it is too dangerous to be on those sections with a bike
-What do you think I did with these directions?
-Do you think I put them in my back pocket and just left them there the entire ride?
-Do you think I threw them in the garbage before I started out on my ride?
-Do you think I looked at them and then went another way?
-Or, do you think I read them and followed them? Of course that is what I did!

II The Bible Give Directions
-I have here (HOLD UP BIBLE) a list of directions for the Christian life.
-We need the Bible
-What do we do with the Bible?
-Do we ignore it?
-Do we put it in our coffee table to look nice?
-Do we leave it on a shelf to gather dust?
-Do we read it but then do whatever we want anyway?
-You boys and girls know what we are supposed to do. We are supposed to read the Bible and follow it and know it.
-That's why you have Sunday School. That's why you come to church. That's why you read the Bible at home. That's why we want your dad and mom to be in a Bible Study.
-The Bible (HOLD IT UP) is like a list of directions for my bike ride (HOLD IT UP). So we would be wise to follow what it says.

III Pray With Children
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