************ Children's Sermon on Exodus 12:14-20 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on April 20, 2003

Children's Sermon on Exodus 12:14-20

I am preaching tonight on the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Here is a slice of ordinary bread (HOLD IT UP) it is light, fluffy, and has air holes. It is baked with yeast or leaven that produces little gas bubbles that makes the bread rise.

Here is a piece of unleavened bread (HOLD IT UP) it looks like a cracker; it is flat, hard, no air holes because it is baked without yeast or leaven.

When the Israelites left Egypt they did not have the time to bake ordinary bread. They left in such a hurry they could not wait for the gas bubbles to form that made the bread rise. So they had to eat bread made without yeast (HOLD IT UP).

Ever since then the children of Israel were supposed to celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread once a year. For a whole week they were supposed to eat unleavened bread (HOLD IT UP). In fact, they were not allowed to eat anything with yeast no doughnuts, no rolls, no cakes, nothing that had those little gas bubbles in them.

Before the feast began they had to go through their homes and remove anything that had yeast in it. The moms would clean the house from top to bottom. And, when they were sure it was clean they would take a piece of ordinary bread that had yeast or leaven (HOLD IT UP) and tear it into ten pieces and hide the ten pieces around the house (TEAR IT UP).

Then the father would lead the children in a search for the leaven or the yeast. And, he would use four things: a candle, a feather, a wooden spoon, and a linen cloth.

He would light the candle so he could see in the darkest corners (LIGHT THE CANDLE).

He would use the feather to brush the bread crumbs onto the wooden spoon so he would not touch the leaven (BRUSH CRUMBS ON WOODEN SPOON).

And, when all the leaven was found, he would put the feather and the spoon and the crumbs inside the linen cloth (PUT IT ALL IN THE CLOTH) and the next morning he would go outside and bury it.

Leaven or yeast stands for sin and evil. God doesn't want sin and evil in the lives of his children. He wants us to search for sin and evil. He wants us to use (HOLD THEM UP) the candle and the feather and the wooden spoon and the linen cloth to get rid of evil.

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