************ Children's Sermon on 1 Kings 20 ************

By: Rev. Adrian Dieleman

This sermon was preached on May 16, 2004


-funny whistle given me in Rotary

I The Whistle
-anyone know what this is; it is a whistle (blow on it)

-what do you see when I hold it different ways:
-toucan (parrot like bird)

-different things depending on how you look at it

II The Changing Face of God
-for some people the face of god keeps changing
-Ben-Hadad, King of Aram, said God is the God of the hills and mountains; but the god of Aram is the god of the valleys and plains
-Israel kept changing the face of god too; one time their god was Baal - an image of a calf or a bull; another time their god was Asherah - a sacred pole or tree; and still another time their god was the God of Elijah Who sent down fire from heaven
-sometimes we are the same way; in church we worship the God Who loves us in Jesus Christ; but at school or at home we live for toys or money or something else; sometimes we look like a Christian and other times we act more like heathens

III Pray with Children
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